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Cartier’s New Romantic Short Film Destinée Enchants You about a Second Chance at Love in Paris

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Cartier puts the most beautiful love stories in the spotlight again just in time for the Valentine’s day. Discover the new romantic short film “Destinée” telling the story about a second chance at love in Paris. This international production stars the English actor Oliver Jackson Cohen and the Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen 陳妍希.

Directed by Luca Guadagnino & screenwriter Drake Doremus, tells a story about a group of childhood friends gathers together for the reception at the wedding of two of their friends. Which enable the two stars’ characters Nick and Claire to meet again and eventually fall in love for the 2nd time.

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King of Bhutan Royal Wedding

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Forget about William & Kate’s wedding! Today there is a beautiful royal wedding at a tiny county between China & India in the Himalayan mountain “Bhutan”! His majesty Kin Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, 31 years old holds his Raven crown as he and the Queen Jetsun Pema, 21 years old commoner today on October 13th, 2011.  Just look at all of those colorful & beautiful costumes they wear, I can just study each details of each embroidery for hours! here are some photos courtesy by AP Photo/Kevin Frayer covering this event.

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Behind The Big Hair & Sparkling Dresses of Barbie – The 52 Years of Positive Influence for Young Girls

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I adored Barbie since I was a kid! I loved dressing them in sparkling gowns and big puffy skirts. But behind all that blond hairs, perfect Malibu tan & beautiful couture dresses of Barbie, there is a very powerful message that sends a positive influence to young girls all over the world “We girls can do anything! just like Barbie!”, no dream is too big & nothing and no one can stop you to reach for your dream!

My very first Barbie was the “Crystal Fantasy Barbie”. My Barbies had boxes brimming with tulle tutus, stylish suits, and pretty-in-pink dresses. Also her shinny blonde hair that I can came up with thousands of ways to style her hair, what a great memories it was!

I know many people complains about “Oh Barbie is too thin, makes little girl have self image issues…” but to me, they were fashionable, strong independent women who can do and be anything she wanted! Which I think it has bring lots of positive influence to young girls to role play on their dreams and knowing that she can be a Doctor, Rock Star or even an Astronaut! Nothing can stop her to be who she wants to be just like Barbie!

Astronaut Barbie
Barbie & The Rockers 1986

When my “Presidential Barbie” ran for President, nobody wondered if the world was ready for a female in the White House (Maybe that’s why I wanted Hillary to win the white house in this past presidential election LOL).

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OMG! Who knew?! The Cast of Harry Potter Movie Has All Grown Up To Be Total Hotties! It’s Like Magic!

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OMG! Did you guys see the finale of the Harry Potter Deathly Hallow part 2? it was so good! and kinda sad it is the last installment of this fabulous novel that fills with magic spells and friendships from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardry that company us for the past 10 years.
have you guys notice that the cast of Harry Potter movie has all grown up to be total hotties? OMG! it is like Magic!

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter
Emma Watson as Hermione Granger

Emma Watson at Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Premiere London in Oscar de la Renta

Emma Watson at Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Premiere London in Bottega Veneta
Emma Watson at Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Premiere Party in Rafael Lopez dress
Emma Watson at MTV Awards in Marchesa
Emma Watson for Burberry Ad Campaign 2009
Emma Watson on Vogue Magazine Cover & Editorial in Prada

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Fashionista’s Annual Spring Summer 2011 Must-Have Items Shopping Report

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It’s that time of the season when all the hottest accessories that hit the catwalks back in autumn 2010 now the long wait has ended, and they are all in the store. But you’ve got to be quick off the mark, because they’ll be sold out quicker than you can say ‘must have’. But where to begin? We’ve boiled down the key trends in the theme of your vacation spot location and picked out our favorite pieces for you. Ready, steady, shop!

Nautical Girl at Côte d’Azur

Tory Burch “Barite” Embellished Tee
Available at
Burberry Twisted Cord Necklace
Available at
Sonia by Sonia Rykiel – Striped Chiffon Dress
Available at Saks Fifth
Yves Saint Laurent Deauville Canvas Wedge Sandles
Available at
Lauren by Ralph Lauren “Kael” Ruffled Tank
Available at
Anya Hindmarch Junie Canvas Bow Tote
Available at Saks Fifth
Carmen Marc Valvo Strapless Sequin-Stripe Dress
Available at Bergdorf

The Fabulous Vidal Sassoon Japanese Ad Campaign with – Namie Amuro – Patricia Field – Orlando Pita

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Ever since I saw the Japanese super pop star Namie Amuro’s Vidal Sassoon commercial on youtube, I’ve been addicted to it! Vidal Sassoon has hired the famed stylist “Patricia Field” whom made the hit show “Sex in the city” a fashion icon TV show, pairing with Hair styling guru “Orlando Pita” and costume designer “David Dalrymple”, with these creative power all star team behind it, they made this ad campaign super fabulous!

The ad campaign featured the Japanese super pop star Namie Amuro. In the ad, with her many new looks, fun & energetic songs had re-launched the new image of Namie Amuro.
One of her popular singles called “COPY THAT” was featured in the 1st ad campaign as Namie Amuro doing a catwalk down the runway from London, Russia to Los Angeles and each has a total different look & hair style. I love all 3 looks, but LOVE the “Los Angeles Look” the most!

Click the video below to see the commercial. Also see what stylist Patricia Field & costume designer David Dalrymple‘s idea behind each fashion looks


In her second commercial, she had portrayed herself as a gorgeous astronaut whom has the most beautiful hair in the universe! She traveled to the space with Swarovski covered helmet and body-suit, that’s what I call “ Traveling in style” ! haha! Her singles called “My Love” had used in this commercial.

Click the video below to see the commercial & see what stylist Patricia Field’s idea behind each fashion statement & hair guru Orlando Pita’s vision of the “weightless shinny” hair looks, don’t forget about the fabulous futuristic outfits designed by costume designer David Dalrymple !

The 3rd commercial was styled in the European fairytale fantasy setting. Beautiful costumes, glitters… it was just a beautifully thought out commercial. Click the video below to see the commercial & behind the scenes of making of this commercial


We hope you enjoy Namie Amuro’s Vidal Sassoon commercial as much as I did! Now I am feeling like going to get a bottle of Vidal Sassoon shampoo & conditioner to make my hair as beautiful as Amuro’s LOL

Don’t forget to check out Vidal Sassoon official Japanese website! It’s fabulous! Click the photo below to visit their website !

For more of Namie Amuro’s new songs and news, don’t forget to visit her official website! click the photo ofher below to check out her newest album!

Until next time, be well and look fabulous!


Alan + Mei-Mei the pug

OMG ! $100 Manolo Blahnik Secret Sample Sale at The Warwick Hotel April 29, 2010

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Ok girls, this is the real deal!! a fashion spy birdie just told us! The secret Manolo Blahnik Spring sale is back and Andre Leon Taley is the host for the event. Now get your credit cards ready, put your foot on the gas and hold on to your pumps. The Manolo Blahnik sale are usually reserved for editors and fashion insiders the Manolo sale is renowned as a full-on fashion event.

We hear that this season’s sale will feature Vogue’s contributing editor and America’s Next Top Model judge, Andre Leon Talley. He will be playing the role of Prince Charming and help women slip into their perfect shoe on Thursday, April 29th. As we all know Mr. Leon Talley is a fashion icon! So to meet him in person, that may be reason alone to attend. Everything is more fun when Andre Leon Taley is present.

At previous sample sales leather heels started at $100. Usually the morning of the sale is reserved for press and insiders and the afternoon is open to the public.

For those of you who are unnerved by sample sale crowds ( like the infamous Barneys New York warehouse sale! Yes you can find great designer goods in bargain price there, But if you have been to the Barneys Warehouse sale then you know how scary those female (or fabulous gays) shopper could be! Everyone is like on a mission, pushing, elbowing to name a few to get their well manicured hands on that Balenciaga it bag or Helmut Lang Jeans!) or you do not live in the city I love, New York City, then take a browse through your local Saks Off 5th outlet store. We recently found the shoe department to be very well stocked with Manolos and all priced in the $200 range. I know it’s not as glamorous as going to the Manolo sale in NYC, It’s not a $100 and there’s no Andre Leon Talley but we found patent leather, high heel, Marry Janes and they come with a return option. (Not all of us are as rich as the Sex and the city girls right?! )

So write this down on to your blackberry , refrigerator and on your bathroom mirror to remind yourself of this event !!

Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale

Thursday, April 29, 2010 – 9 AM ~ 11 AM

The Warwick Hotel (54th Street and 6th Avenue)

What insiders don’t know is that the doors open up to the public after 11 a.m ! The only ones who know about this well-guarded secret? Loyalists who are in with the store clerks and friends of editors.

How can we mention Manolo Blahnik without thinking of the show/movie Sex and the City ?! here is a video

I am warming up my American Express Black Card and ready to shop !!

Until next time, be well and look fabulous ( in your Manolo Blahniks!! )


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The Front Row View of Dries Van Noten Spring Summer 2010 Collection, Fabulous!

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With the tempature still rather cool & chilly in most the cities in the U.S.A & Europe, watching the new Fall & Winter 2010 collection just taken place last month was a treat! all the beautiful coats, jackets and sweaters wants me want to buy them all! (I can’t possibly wait 6 more months till they show up in the store! haha). Dries Van Noten’s fall winter 2010 collection feels just right for these cold weathers still hoovering over us. Here is a front row view of the Dries Van Noten’s beautiful collection!

The collection was a serene piecing-together of classic menswear tailoring, washed-out military fabric, fifties & sixties lady like shape and sweatshirting. What makes it’s cool is that all the pieces are such a simple, in a very wearable way that none of the pieces screams “FASHION!!” and the subtle details and “feel” of each pieces that mix the uptown girl look with a street feeling. Not sure how to explain it, but that shows the genius of Dries Van Noten!

Click on the video player below to see his fall-winter 2010 collection

To see more of his collection, please visit his official website:
Dries Van Noten or click on the photo below
Until next time, be well and look fabulous !
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Jazz Up your Look with Fabulous Jewels for Your Shoe & Anklet For Spring Summer 2010

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Hello everyone, I would like to introduce to you our contributing editor Michele Gramesty who is an amazing jewelry designer and a fashion insider at New York City. She had lend her design talent to various of famous design houses such as Halston, Ralph Lauren, Carolee Jewelry….. just to name a few! Today she would like to share with how you can dress up your shoes with a touch of sparkle & update your look!

I have been quite intrigued by the Prada plastic shoe with jewels since they strutted down the spring 2010 runway show, having said that I would never wear plastic shoes..

This Prada collection of shoes served as great inspiration for more shoe jewelry, ankle adornment and chic shackles designed by Mish.

If you are interested in ordering a custom pair of Swarovski crystal shoe jewelry email me at our store should be up and running very shortly so please stay tuned.

(Chanel platform wedge sandal, Michele Gramesty Swarovski crystal ankle jewelry)

xoxo Mish

Don’t forget to check out her fabulous blog for her newest report on “Aspen Fashon Week 2010” that was just taken place last week! Click here to visit her blog @ The Mish Dish

Until next time, be well and look fabulous!


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Create Your Own Masterpiece with FENDI Baguette DIY Needlepoint Kit

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OMG! this is just too cool! You can create your own unique one of the kind Fendi Baguette! But I don’t think I’d have the guts to sew or draw on a thousand dollar bag, but it’s such a great idea!

Every time I attempt to pull a “Martha Stewart” moment thinking I can be like a domestic diva like her turning an ugly flea market find junk into a paper-mache chandelier, it’s always a miserably failure. So needless to say, I haven’t been brave enough to attempt or having a thought to decorate my own FENDI Baguette!

So, of course, when I saw Fendi’s new Baguette Needlepoint Stitch Kit, designed by Silvia Venturini FENDI, I’m just not sure I can do it. Initially, I was excited like a little kid at the candy store! The bright colorful packaging box! It was luring me into this FENDI fantasy world like a whirling cotton candy machine that tells me, yes buy me! Buy me! And, then, I saw the contents of the box – and that’s when my rainbow sparkling, unicorn flying, Fendi-wonderland bubble bursted & face the reality.

Inside the box, you’ll find a basic canvas baguette, filled with color threads of every color in the rainbow, and instructions on how you can embroider your very own bag using needlepoint. HELLO! I will be a nervous wreck & so afraid if I make a boo-boo, then my $995 FENDI Baguette will be ruin! Also for this price, they better come already beaded, embroidered and ready to use! This is not the first time FENDI has come up with a “Do it yourself” bag, just about an year ago FENDI has a similar bag that’s made of white color canvas and came with 10 permanent pantone markers so you can create your own “Masterpiece”

But I have to say, it is a charming idea that FENDI has came up with this D.I.Y. Baguette Needlepoint Kit! And for those of you who are brave enough to do it yourself, more power to you! and I bow to your courage! Haha

If you are interested to get one of this fabulous D.I.Y. FENDI Baguette Needle Point Kit, it’s available at
Neiman Also at (UK store)

Until next time, be well & look fabulous!


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