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Chanel J-12 Chromatic in Titanium Ceramic

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The Chanel’s J12 Chromatic moves on from black & white with a high-tech ceramic version in a silver grey tone. Titanium ceramic adds a new dimension to this high-tech material and the result is a highly polished steely look with all the benefits of this lightweight, scratch-resistant super-material.

The handsome J12 that first took the fashion world by storm over ten years ago now in 2011 comes in a sleek new guise: Titanium ceramic. The addition of titanium to the ceramic recipe produces a cloudy-sky grey hue that once polished with diamond powder develops an attractive sheen that catches the light. But unlike its more humble cousin steel, ceramic is warm to the touch, light and scratch proof.

Chanel Fiole Ultra Sleek Concept Car – It’s the Haute Couture for Cars !

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Ok! Fashionistas! who cares about Land Rovers, BMW or Mercedes Benz if you were to pull up in this ultra sleek & chic CHALE Fiole car! It will be the ultimate fashion accessory a fashionista can ever want! So naturally I am crazy about this concept car designed by Korean car designer Jinyoung Jo.

Karl Lagerfeld Is Set To Marry Long Time Boyfriend Baptiste Giabiconi In Summer 2011

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OMG! Breaking news! the kind of fashion Karl Lagerfeld at age 77 years old is set to marry his long time boyfriend 20 years old Baptiste Giabiconi in summer 2011 at Karl’s 10 acre estate he purchased in 2008 on Grand Isle, Vermont in United States.

Chanel Makeup Robot Power Activate! by Peter Philips

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I call upon the power of CHANEL’s CC logo, activate!! Chanel’s global creative director of Makeup division Peter Philips has came up with this innovated Ad Campaign, conceptualize this stop motion video built from a bunch of lipsticks, compacts, glosses & brushes… it’s just genius!

CHANEL Spring 2011 Couture Show – Enchantment of Lights

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When it comes to Haute Couture, it means made to order clothing that only the best fabric, craftsmanship & embellishments are used to create these one of the kind garments that only the best designer houses can mastered! and since money is no object to create these garments, designers usually use massive amount of fabrics plus heavy beadings & embroideries on couture dresses. But at CHANEL Spring 2011 show, we’ve seen the “Light” !

This collection is so luminous in its delicacy & sparkle, every pieces looks like a spring garden fairy outfit! But don’t let the meaning of “Light” fools you & think they all must be just simple chiffon or cotton garments without the extravagance of Couture touches! 10 million beads & sequins were used in this collection! (Clutch my pearls! I just LOVE sparkles!) The opening first couple looks has this “Morning dew on spider webs” kind of delicate bead works on the shoulder, side of the dress…. it was just heavenly! Also all the models were wearing ballet flat shoes, with the chiffon flowing & big airy skirts, it almost has a ballerina feels throughout the collection. At the end of the show, when the curtain on the end of the runway lift up, all the models were standing on top of the stpes of a simulacrum of the iconic Rue Cambon Salon, just like how Madame CHANEL presented her show back in the days. It was a beautiful show, I love it!

Here are some of the best looks from the show

Chanel Paris Shanghai Métiers d’Art Accessories & Handbag Collection

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The house of Chanel amazed & surprised us season after season! Started couple season ago, each year’s pre-fall collection, Karl Lagerfeld has paired with all the couture accessories manufactures to create an Métiers d’Art collection that inspired by different cities all over the world. This season, the house of Chanel has travel all the way to Shanghai, China to present this super fabulous collection!

Not just the clothing are amazing, but look at all those fabulous costume jewelries and handbags! So today we are going to feature some of the Paris Shanghai collection’s accessories with all of you! First, click on the video player below to see this fabulous collection!

Ok, I know you all can’t wait to see the fabulous accessories & handbags, so I won’t keep you waiting any longer, here they are!

If you like some of these fabulous Chinese inspired collections, you can contact our favorite sales person that had helped me to find some of these hard to find pieces! Just tell them Alan from Fashionistas refer you, they will take great care of you!

Chanel Boutique Beverly Hills (Robertson Blvd Store)
Carrie Powell – (310) 278-5505

Chanel Boutique Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas
Joshua Smith (702) 765-5505

Ryan Deleon
(503) 620-0555 Ext 1255

Bergdorf Goodman New York
Jesse Kopischke (212) 872-2519

Saks Fifth Avenue New York
Susan David – Email:

Now, go dig into your closet, find some fabulous red color outfits and go for the “China Chic” this fall ! until next time, be well and look fabulous!


Alan + Mei-Mei the pug

Street Tough Look & Biker Girl Chic with CHANEL’s Temporary Tattoos – Les Trompe-L’Oeil De Chanel

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OMG you guys! CHANEL’s temporary tattoo has finally available for purchase on !! These temporary tattoos are named “LES TROMPE-L’OEIL DE CHANEL” it is only $78 USD, small price for super fabulous looks! It’s such a bargan! can you imagine going to the club with a gorgeous CHANEL tattoo on your leg or arm? Can I say, FABULOUS!! Of course this is not just for girls, guys can wear these awesome tattoos, too!

It features the iconic interlocking CC CHANEL logos, strands of pearls and the metal chains, a bird motif seems like a swallow.

I am going to buy couple sets of these fabulous CHANEL tattoos after I finish this blog posting! If you wanna get one, do it fast, as I heard it’s practically flying out of the stores as we speak! You can get your very own CHANEL temporary tattoos by click here to get it! Available @

Click on the video player below to see CHANEL spring summer 2010 collection

Until next time, be well and look fabulous!


Alan + Mei-Mei the pug