Look Younger While Earning Good Karma with Celine Cousteau & la Prairie Switzerland Advanced Marine Biology Skin Care

I love beach & ocean! The salty sea breeze, sounds of the waves, something about it just makes me happy! So when I saw my favorite skincare brand La Prairie came out with a new skincare collection named “The Advanced Marine Biology Collection” I had to do looking into it. I ran to Neiman Marcus and tried the collection, it was fabulous!

La Prairie and Céline Cousteau, granddaughter of legendary ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau. Celine Cousteau is also a committed spokeswoman for the environment. She works with Ocean Futures Society, a non-profit organization dedicate to exploring the sea, inspiring and educating people to protect it.

In Celine Cousteau, La Prairie has found a kindred spirit who understands the transformative powers of the sea and wishes to create a wider awareness of the need for protecting the sustainability of our ocean resources.

So these La Prairie skin care products is not only making you looking younger & fabulous, but you’re also doing something good& earning good karma to protect the marine ecosystem environments!

To read the full story, please visit our official blog FashionistasDaily.com


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