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Chanel Fiole Ultra Sleek Concept Car – It’s the Haute Couture for Cars !

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Ok! Fashionistas! who cares about Land Rovers, BMW or Mercedes Benz if you were to pull up in this ultra sleek & chic CHALE Fiole car! It will be the ultimate fashion accessory a fashionista can ever want! So naturally I am crazy about this concept car designed by Korean car designer Jinyoung Jo.

Karl Lagerfeld Is Set To Marry Long Time Boyfriend Baptiste Giabiconi In Summer 2011

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OMG! Breaking news! the kind of fashion Karl Lagerfeld at age 77 years old is set to marry his long time boyfriend 20 years old Baptiste Giabiconi in summer 2011 at Karl’s 10 acre estate he purchased in 2008 on Grand Isle, Vermont in United States.

Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2011 Womenswear AD Campaign – Simply Fabulous

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Oh! How much I do LOVE Dolce & Gabbana!! I just love their new womenswear spring summer 2011 Ad Campaign! all done in black & white with dramatic lightning to outline & feature all of their beautiful clothings, handbags and models.  It’s full of drama & poetic fabulousness that only Dolce & Gabbana can do!

Click on each photo to see a larger size photo

Trend Alert ! Computer Laptop Sleeve Case as an Attaché or Clutch Fabulousness

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Ok! We all hate & had that moment when you are in hurry try to meet your friends for dinner or cocktails in the last minute and can’t find the perfect bag. You don’t want to carry a handbag because all you want to bring is just a mobile phone, a credit card & a key, so a handbag is just too big! but then the regular clutch is just either too dressy or just too small to hold all of your stuff. Well, I’ve been notice there seems to be a trends that people use their computer laptop sleeve case as the new “ Clutch / Attaché “ ! We’ve seen a lot of fashion editors, models & fashionistas all over the world are all picking up this fabulous trend!

Fabulously Romantic DIY Valentine’s Day Gift & Decoration Ideas

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If you are tired of the same old same old boring chocolate gifts, romance dinner, roses, there’s something new you can try for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. We’ve found some super fun & “EASY” to do, yes I mean easy steps with big visual effect if my kind of DIY projects haha. These DIY love projects will surprise your loved ones and make this year’s Valentine’s day that much more warmer in the heart & romantic!

Valentine’s Day Love Canopy Tent
Imagine you & your lover sitting next to the fireplace, cuddling, kissing, drinking champagne & feeding each other chocolate dipped strawberries in a romantic canopy tent you built yourself in your living room …. How romantic is that?! so we’ve found a easy step by step tutorial by the Lose Angeles based designer Justina Blakeney to show us how.
Step 1: You will need 4 screw hooks or S hooks if your ceiling has something you can hang the canopy. 1 spool of twine, and a long stick. Secure the stick & hang from the ceiling, then Find some beautiful sheets, sarongs or large piece of fabric, in any theme you like to go after, maybe you like the “English Victorian Garden” feel, or Asian Imperial City flair or like in the photo here we are going for the “Bohemian Moroccan” kind look. Drape over the fabrics of your choice and use some safety pins to lift up the front opening as shown in the photo below.

Step 2: Making heart shaped garland by Using the news paper to cut out various sizes of heart shapes or you can buy those heart shaped cake decoration paper, and string through with twine.

Givenchy Spring 2011 Haute Couture Collection – Traditional Japanese Costumes Meets Anime Robot Goddess

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House of Givenchy’s Spring 2011 Couture show by Riccardo Tisci was full with traditional Japanese influenced Embroideries mix with anime robot details.

Riccardo has been a big fan of the Japanese robot toys since he was a kid and his fascinations about traditional Japanese costume’s cut, shape & embroideries, and the famous dancer “Kazuo Ohno” as play a big part in this collection. I am just so glad he done it in the way it not just the predictable “Kimono sleeves” or “Obi” waist belt details.

The Amazing Alexander McQueen “Karma Metal” Floral Sculpture Wedge Sandal From Spring Summer 2011 Collection

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I am so in love with this Alexander McQueen shoe! As we all know, house of McQueen just don’t do plain, boring “Subtle” stuff! The intricate “Karma Metal” floral details at the 5.5” wedge heel with thin metallic leather T-Strap, this shoe is like one of those sculptures from the Baroque period that should be set behind a bullet proof glass case in the Louvre museum in Paris!