Finally! You Can Fulfill Your Dream of Owning One or More Hermes Birkins With The Thursday Friday Together Bag

OMG! I am obsessed about these fun Hermes Birkin bag inspired “ The Thursday Friday Together Bag” !

As we all know, Hermes Birkin bag is super expensive! price starting from $9000 USD for plain leather and for the exotic skin Hermes Birkin could easily cost you the same price as a car like $40,000 USD and up! Of course, for such a prestige handbag there is at least a 2 years waiting list!! Unless you are either an A-List celebrity then you just have to wait! Yes even if you have money to burn and bring in a suitcase of $50,000 of cash, they still won’t sell it to you. So when I see this super fun “Thursday Friday Together Canvas Tote Bag” I had to buy one of each! And its only $35 USD each ! All thanks to designer Olena Roni’s great idea!

To see the rest of this article about this fabulous tote bag, click on the photo link below to visit our official blog


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